Get to know beauties of Slovenia
with e-bike


Are you going on a one-day trip to Slovenia or will you be staying for several days? If you want to explore the corners of Slovenia and spend your time actively but carefree, an electric bike is the right choice. You can rent it at attractive cycling destinations on the Coast - in Koper and Ankaran and in Moravske toplice.

Indulge yourself in endless trails, unspoilt nature, let wandering with an e-bike be a balm for the soul and body. Enjoy a one-day trip or embark on a multi-day discovery, as we also offer the option of multi-day rentals.

Why choose an e-bike?
  • because we are nature lovers and enjoy outdoor activity;
  • because we want to spend our free time actively;
  • because we overcome greater distances faster and ascents do not limit us;
  • since riding is simpler, easier and we can also cope with windy conditions;
  • because we are ecologically aware.



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